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"Bob you are a world class speaker. Your humor blended with inspiration, energy, and enthusiasm make you truly gifted. I never get tired of listening to you and I'm amazed at how you can connect with thousands in an arena as if your speaking to everyone individually. I love the way you teach others to keep their eyes up, looking for opportunities to enrich the lives of others with what we have learned. You really have made a difference in the world and in individuals lives. Keep up the good work."

Les Brown (Recipient of the National Speakers Association's highest honor)

"Powerful. Inspirational. Entertaining. Life Changing. One of best ever on our stages."

Brian Forte CEO Get Motivated Seminars

"Bob is an engaging, enlightening and unique presenter. His delivery is highly entertaining and his message is powerful. I would recommend him to anyone - a great guy, with a great message that impacts his audience in a positive and meaningful way."

Hugh McCutcheon (US Olympic Gold and Silver Medal Volleyball Coach)

"Our keynote's plane was delayed two and a half hours and I had 5,000 in my audience waiting. Bob had already spoken for 90 minutes. Bob took the initiative and walked out on stage and saved the day, entertaining and inspiring for those two and a half hours. It was a huge success! Bob has spoken for me at my Celebrity Events, Millionaires In Training Events for over a decade with average audiences of 1,500 per event. Bob is amazing and entertaining speaker and without exception one of the most versatile and inspiring speakers I've ever had."

Mitch Huhem Celebrity Events, Millionaires in Training

"In over 30 years of speaking, I've been privileged to listen to the best. Bob Kittell brings a new, fresh dynamic to the stage. If you get a chance to hear him - do it!"

Tom Hopkins

Mcconnell AFB
Keota School

"Hey Bob! My name is Abby and I’m a seventh grader. You came to speak to my school, and I learned some key things about myself and how to handle things. Here’s my story:

I’ve always been nervous, but didn’t realize it (more like didn’t really acknowledge it) until recently. My nails were super short, because I’d become so nervous I’d start biting them. I decided I was going to join Cross Country. Now, I love to run, and I loved practices. But, on days where we had meets, I’d be jittery and nervous and distant the whole day. It got to the point where I wanted to quit Cross Country, even though I loved it. But I pushed through until the end of the season, feeling miserable every time we had a meet. Then came the Conference Meet. A big deal, to me. That day, I was terrible. My brain was a mess and I bit my nails until they bled. My family came to watch, and before the meet started, my dad pulled me aside. What’s wrong? he asked. I remember saying “nothing, just nervous.” At that point, my legs were shaking and I was so anxious. But then my dad asked WHAT I was nervous about. What was I afraid of? I was afraid of letting down my team, of falling on the trail, of being last. I told my dad so, and then we were lining up to start the race. I ended up performing terrible, not because I got last or fell, like I was worried about, but because I was so nervous during the race, my mind wasn’t on running. I wish I would’ve known then what I know now, after you. You came, and talked about anxiety. About playing a movie in your head. Of thinking of thoughts that weren’t REAL. And I got to thinking, hey, that’s what I do! With your help, I realized that all these worries I had, weren’t real. The fear of getting last was completely irrational- I’d never even been close to last. All the fears that made me into a different person on meet days weren’t real. So, now that I know that my thoughts and fears aren’t real, I can stop that movie in my head. Can say pause, and tell myself that it’s just actors. Not real. I finally listened, finally realized what was happening and how to stop it. I’m training my mind to realize that it’s too much work to worry over the things that aren’t real.

Thank you, Bob, for changing my thoughts. For teaching me how to hit that pause button."

Abby, 7th Grade

Middle District
HLV School

"Bob, in my 30 plus years staffing this event we have rarely had someone as top notch as you! We were thrilled to hear your message and to have you join our multi state event. You were a big hit with attendees and everyone loved you!"

Brandon Kelly

Dawson Schools
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