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En-lighten Up

Stress less to success

En-lighten Up

Stress less to success

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Wake up your event with Bob Kittell

Are you ready to kick off your event with an award winning power speaker? Bob Kittell is a seasoned stage veteran whose interactive, entertaining presentations inspire audiences around the world.

For the past three decades, his award winning, story-driven keynotes have kicked off arena-sized events such as Get Motivated and The Power of Success with Anthony Robbins in Canada, USA and Europe. Bob sets the tone that reverberates throughout your event and inspires your people to get out of their seats and take focused, dedicated action.

He has toured with Zig Ziglar, Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz and four United States Presidents in over 300 cities, nationally and internationally. Tens of thousands in packed arenas respond enthusiastically to his transforming message.

Are you ready to make your convention a memorable, transformative and fun experience? Invite Bob to set the tone – the key note – for your event with humor and energy.

The Memory Maestro

New Book From Bob Kittell

What if you could alter your destiny and the destiny of thousands with one simple technique and a bit of practice? It’s possible. It’s likely. What will happen to your level of success and joy as you begin to pay more attention to others, your spouse, your kids, your boss, your clients...? What if they really knew you were listening and that you cared? What would happen to your relationships, your success, your income?

In this personal memoir, Bob Kittell shares amazing techniques of memory and mind mastery that actually work. His story begins with the moment that triggered his success as an international inspirational speaker. Enjoy his journey with him, and see firsthand how preparation, opportunity and action move you forward as you discover your life’s purpose and also help others realize their dreams.

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