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Get Connected with Bob Kittell

Bob is currently speaking on how eliminating judgment and going into an opportunity can help you connect more effectively with your potential client or future relationship, and in return retain more valuable information to help you make the potential deal and/or solidify an ongoing relationship.

Known as the “Memory Guy” throughout most of his speaking career, Bob Kittell spoke for 32 years on the topic of memory and how to quickly help other retain more information and remember it.

To connect with someone is to truly hear and focus on the individual or situation in front of you. Bob speaks on not looking to the past or the future but to focus on the now and to show up as your authentic self. By focusing on the individual and topic at hand, you will remember important things that will show value to the person you’re speaking to.

When one is truly connected in the moment and with the individual who they’re speaking to, their level of efficiency will increase.

Judgment is a connection killer – Start each opportunity off with a clean slate and focus on being in the NOW.

Bob Kittell

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Show up as your authentic self… Be in the now… Your past stories aren’t real.

Bob Kittell
Bob Kittell Speaking

I remember telling someone my idea of memory seminars. The reply was I can’t do that, it can’t be done. I should go get a real job. That was 1986. Still, haven’t found that real job. Go after your dream.

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