"Powerful. Inspirational. Entertaining. Life Changing.
One of the best ever on our stages."

~ Brian Forte, CEO, Get Motivated Seminars

Are you looking for a knock-your-socks-off speaker who personally connects with your corporate audience and entertains your people with personal interaction, humor and unlimited energy? How about a seasoned professional who touches heart and soul as he moves your people to a whole ‘nother level of creativity and productivity?
Enter Bob Kittell


Do or Do Not..
Engagement, not thought, makes it happen.
Yoda was right. Transform making excuses to making it happen. Raise your Starfighters out of the swamp.

The Human Side of People
Want to be important to your people? Show them how important they are to you. Understanding the human side of people makes you a great leader, creates a great enterprise, immediately impacts your bottom line.

The Power of "Propportunity Posiception"
Look at every problem with positive perception and considered it an opportunity. This is “propportunity posiception.” Based on the core concept created by Corporate Psychologist, Dr. Paul Jenkins, this amazing, fun, yet powerfully practical concept fundamentally changes the way you and your corporate team view and deal with challenges. Yes, indeed, Propportunity Posiception Produces Profit!

Invite Bob Kittell to inspire and entertain you at your next corporate event. Keynote to capnote, breakout session to consultation training, all accompanied by an incredible take-home DVD, Bob Kittell makes an immediate wonderful difference in your corporate culture and your profit potential.